Want to be a good writer?

Think sound, think image, think rhythm, think poetry. The links that follow, assembled by the Poetry Foundation, lead to enriching resources for students, tutors and teachers. 


including “Adventures in Anaphora: Students write more creatively when they repeat themselves.” (Hint–this can work for college application essays, too!)

and “Writing from the Senses: Disarming gifted and perfectionist students with sound and synesthesia.” Excerpt: “Perfectionism becomes an obstacle. Writing is a long, messy process, full of U-turns and fortuitous errors.”


portfolio of poems chosen by Lemony Snicket. Carol Jago, past president of the National Council of Teachers of English, praised Snicket’s portfolio: “This collection should be required reading in every classroom in America. Lemony Snicket’s commentaries alone are worth the price of admission.”

Poetry 180–a poem a day for American high school students, assembled by the poetry and literature center and edited by Billy Collins, former U.S. poet laureate, who also includes instructions for how to read a poem out loud (and why). He says, “Learning to read a poem out loud is a way of coming to a full understanding of that poem, perhaps a better way than writing a paper on the subject.”


The Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Off the Shelf and Poetry magazine podcasts offer poetry discussion on the go.

Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. poetry tours offer listeners a dose of history and geography with their poetry.



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